23 September / / Rejser
Heading home from a visit to the USA, we flew with Iceland Air and had the pleasure of making a few days stop-over on Iceland and see some of the sights. [gallery link=“file”]
22 September / / Rejser
Our final stops on the USA trip after Washington and New York, was in Philadelphia and finally Baltimore. [gallery link=“file”] Our flight was with Iceland Air, so we did make a small stop on Iceland on the way back to Denmark.
21 September / / Rejser
During a USA-roundtrip, we came to New York from Wasington with train. Apart from walking a round and seeing the sights of New York, we also went on a 3 day bus-tour to Niagra Falls and Toronto as a break. [gallery link=“file”] Our final stops on this trip was in Philadelphia and Baltimore.
20 September / / Rejser
In september 2002 we flew to Washington and made a small roundtrip visiting a few of the eastern cities in United States. First stop was the Capital - Washington DC. [gallery link=“file”] Next stop was New York and Niagra Falls.
12 March / / Rejser
First visit to the U.S. we went to Miami and spendt a week before going on a Carribean Cruise. We went around Miami, Miami Beach and visited Key West. [gallery link=“file”]