Microsoft cd exploded

I was installing Windows on a new computer with a CD-burner. As the burner was the only drive available I was using it to install windows. It came around haft way through the installation, when suddenly there was a large cracking sound from the machine. It sounded like a fuse blew or something – the more picturesque minds at the office described the sound as if the motherboard split into two pieces or more. I wasn’t quite sure what to think.

After detaching power and examining the system, nothing seemed wrong – until I opened the cd-rom drive and saw the remains of what was once a cd. I got the pieces out and where’s how the puzzled looked after a few minutes of patching.

Microsoft Windows XP - exploded

I’ve heard rumours of exploding cds before, but I though it only occurred on home burned medias of low quality. I guess I was wrong. This was an original Microsoft CD.

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