17 March / / Hverdag
Hvis der den sidste måned har været lidt stille her på kanalen, så er det ikke fordi der har været en skriveblokade eller på anden måde manglende lyst til at fylde nettet med mit lille bidrag af kommentarer til omverdenen. Det er fordi vi har købt et hus. Vi så det på nettet den 19. februar, fik det forevist den 20. februar og har siden den gang haft travlt med at få klaret alle de ting, som følger af et huskøb - med ejendomsmægler, advokat, pengeinstitut, realkreditinstitut og så videre.
10 March / / Fotografi / Gear
Digital cameras are great in many ways and often make the mandatory vacation shots much more delightful as you can check the image on the spot and (often) redo it until you have the image you want. There are a few catches though – you do need to learn how they work. I’ve learned there’s a challenge waiting for me – undelete some images on a xD media, which accidentally got deleted.
26 February / / Gear
MAME seems to have revived the childhood of computing and brought back the memories of fried food, beeping sounds and coins disappearing in an endless flow in to the cabinet of the local arcade machines. Playing MAME today doesn’t absolutely require an arcade machine (hooked up to a pc), but it does feel quite the same. (from the MAME FAQ:) “MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with an arcade game’s data files (ROMs), MAME will more or less faithfully reproduce that game on a PC.
28 January / / Gear / Hverdag
I was installing Windows on a new computer with a CD-burner. As the burner was the only drive available I was using it to install windows. It came around haft way through the installation, when suddenly there was a large cracking sound from the machine. It sounded like a fuse blew or something – the more picturesque minds at the office described the sound as if the motherboard split into two pieces or more.
27 September / / Fotografi / Gear
Last weekend I got a bunch of old vacation photos (from my pre-digital photography days) scanned from negatives. Due to some accidental circumstances we couldn’t get hold of the air compressor needed to clean (blow dust off) the negatives and that has been quite a pain. The problem is that even small dust particles become fairly large once the scan is complete. While we did try to remove the dust before scanning it wasn’t too successful and so it’s been a lot of hard work fixing the images throughout the week.