22 November / / Rejser
Flying in Europe between the capitals can be reasonable cheap, and flying Snowflake with SAS made it possible to visit Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Getting around the city by boat, trams and by feet was quite easy and while the weather wasn’t the best, it was an interesting visit. [gallery link=“file”]
23 September / / Rejser
Heading home from a visit to the USA, we flew with Iceland Air and had the pleasure of making a few days stop-over on Iceland and see some of the sights. [gallery link=“file”]
22 September / / Rejser
Our final stops on the USA trip after Washington and New York, was in Philadelphia and finally Baltimore. [gallery link=“file”] Our flight was with Iceland Air, so we did make a small stop on Iceland on the way back to Denmark.
21 September / / Rejser
During a USA-roundtrip, we came to New York from Wasington with train. Apart from walking a round and seeing the sights of New York, we also went on a 3 day bus-tour to Niagra Falls and Toronto as a break. [gallery link=“file”] Our final stops on this trip was in Philadelphia and Baltimore.
20 September / / Rejser
In september 2002 we flew to Washington and made a small roundtrip visiting a few of the eastern cities in United States. First stop was the Capital - Washington DC. [gallery link=“file”] Next stop was New York and Niagra Falls.