Pisa, Italy

Budget airlines is a wonderful way to have short holidays or extended weekends somewhere interesting. The carrier Norwegian has flights from Copenhagen to Pisa and we went to explore Pisa a few days saying at the Grand Hotel Bonanno.

Getting around

  • Getting to town…
    • If you fly into Pisa Airport taking the train to Pisa Centrale is cheap and easy. It takes less than 15 minutes.
    • The Pisa Centrale train station is in the middle of town, and walking distance to most hotels.
  • Exploring the city
    • Walking around in town is easy and the distances are fairly short between interesting sights.
    • Many hotels offers bikes, and while the pavement is bumpy it shouldn’t be a problem.
    • Skip driving in town - the streest are narrow, there are many one-way streets and finding your way can be a challenge.

What to see

  • The leaning tower is the most famous sight in Pisa, but far from the only interesting sight.
  • The historic center of the city contains many churches and other sights.
  • The city is filled with small (local) restaurants hidden away in the many narrow streets.
  • There’s a big University in town - and a large hospital.
  • The Arno river runs across the town.
  • There’s a large train station with connections to Roma, Florence and other major Italian cities.

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