New year’s resolutions

So it’s that time of the year again. Looking back, looking forward and often setting new resolutions at least intended to last a few months. While I mostly don’t bother, I did set two goals to conquer. Less busywork – I don’t need to check mail every minute around the clock, and I don’t need to check the news feeds every 10 minutes. Most people doesn’t expect a mail to be answered instantly anyway, so why do it. Using some of the hints in GTD of being more productive seems to move me in the right direction.

Less input – My google reader contains 50+ feeds, and every 8 hours there are at least 100+ stories to scan. Since a fairly large part of the news sites (general news, Mac news, internet news and so on) seem to reference each other, there really isn’t any point in following all of the feeds. I am committed to get below 25 feeds within a month or so.

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