The IKEA challenge

Shopping in our (almost) local IKEA is a pain – it’s just too small to house all the stuff the want to sell. Despite this, we went a bought a bed for our guestroom. It was crowded and a Citröen C4 just isn’t build for bulky packages. Anyway we loaded the packages into the car, got it home and was ready for the IKEA challenge. 3D puzzles are fun, but they was probably invented by someone unaware off the IKEA way of buying furniture. Even with the little instruction booklet (with draws only; no words to guide you) you can still waste hours and hours trying to but the thing together.

I also most managed to crack the challenge – and in just 4 hours. I’ve justed just about every piece (in a 96 Kg package there are an amazing number of pieces). It doesn’t sound impressive if you don’t know the actual details, but just watch the 6th season (I think it was) of the Amazing race, we’re teams were asked to assemble a simple desk – and cracked down.

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