New digital camera

After 5 years with my Olympus C2100 as a faithful companion around the world, it’s was time to upgrade and get a new digital camera. I’ve been looking into getting a real dSLR with changeable lenses, and in my price/performance range there was only three candidates – Canon 350D, Canon 20D and the Nikon D70. It was a hard choice, but I’m quite satisfied with the package I got. I selected the Nikon D70. It was priced just a little bit above the Canon 350D, but I found a bundle with a flash, an extra lens it had a great price. I upgraded the lens from a cheap Nikkor 70-300 zoom to a Tamron lens (same zoom but better specs) and added a flash, extra batteries, a bag and other extra equipment.

Going from an Olympus to Nikon has been quite a switch. All the manual settings and adjustments, which I had mastered to perfection on the Olympus are completely different on Nikon and I’m only slowly learning the new menus and how to control the various settings.

The camera has already been with me to Greece and Hungary, and while I still lack the fine grained control of the camera, the images a just superb.

update: Sample images

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