Steven Jobs held one of his quite entertaining events yesterday and as usual the session is available online in MPEG4 (QuickTime). Besides the righteous on the performance of the iPod, Jobs also announced a new iPod capable of storing digital photos, there’s just one little thing… The iPods are cool – the size and weight is just right and they do offer an impressive mobile music collection. No doubts why they’ve become a huge hit.

In the presentation Jobs’ argued why Photos, not video, is the next big thing on the digital evolutionary chart and I certainly agree. I have thousands of images and I’d love to have one more place to safe them for safe keeping.

There’s just one little thing. You need the computer to put pictures on the iPod, not you digital camera. No that sucks. It would be cool if I could empty the digital camera right into the iPod when I’m on the road (instad of buying boatloads of memory cards to the camera). Hopefully some accessory maker will plug that hole so I can find a reason to get an iPodPhoto.

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