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Whenever I’m on vacation, I seem to shoot hundreds of images. While I do enjoy most of the after returning home, most people really just want to see highlights. Some of the photos from around the world, which didn’t make it into the ”greatest shoots” collection, may find a new life in the future. A few days ago I was accepted as a contributing photographer to iStockPhoto.
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Fieldtesting the iPod Photo

I got an iPod Photo a while ago. I didn’t really need it; my pocket FM tuner works quite well most of the time, but since the rest of the world is going iPod crazy it though I should join the party. The excuse used to buy was actually an upgrade of my digital camera from the first semi-dSLR to a full fledged Nikon dSLR, and when traveling it would be quite nice to be able to shoot away and empty the photos to a portable harddisk and buy fewer memory cards. So after 14 days in Sardinia, does the iPod Photo work?
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New digital camera

After 5 years with my Olympus C2100 as a faithful companion around the world, it’s was time to upgrade and get a new digital camera. I’ve been looking into getting a real dSLR with changeable lenses, and in my price/performance range there was only three candidates – Canon 350D, Canon 20D and the Nikon D70. It was a hard choice, but I’m quite satisfied with the package I got.
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