Scandinavian Wildlife Park

Back in August we visited one of the lesser known sights in Denmark – the Scandinavian Wildlife Park located in Djus, Jutland. We been passing through the area from time to time on our way to the ferry back to Zealand, but never really knew what kind of place it was.

It turned out to be a quite interesting wildlife park with Polar Bears, Brown Bears, Wolves and other interesting animals. While you can meet too many of them in the wild today (in Denmark at least), it was a great time the few hours it took walking around the park and seeing the animals.

You can see a selection of the images in the Gallery.

The Big Picture

If you’re amazed by beautiful images and like current affairs, The Big Picture from the Boston Globe should be on you list of must-visit websites. The Big Picture is a collection of stunning images themed series covering current news. They a large (990×624) and often quite spectacular images with a few comments on what the photo is about.

Some of my favorite The Big Picture series include:

If you’re using a RSS Reader, they have a feed of the Big Picture available.

iStockPhoto: 100 pictures sold

It’s been awhile since I signed dup as a photographer at iStockPhoto. It took a few months more before I started to build my portfolio, but I’ve almost made it a habit to add a few images regularly to my portfolio, and sales are picking up. A year ago I made a sale every month; in the spring I went to weekly sales; and not (almost) daily sales the past month. While it doesn’t pay any bills, it sure is nice to see strangers actually paying for the right to use them.

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