Costa Rica Exploring

If it was a little quiet on this site during September, it was because I was a way for 2+ weeks exploring Costa Rica. I’m back, play catch-up and having fun (digitally) developing, sorting and organizing photos from the trip.

We went to Costa Rica and toured the country with GAP Adventures, and despite a lost iPod, a broken (dSLR) camera and more trouble with Delta Airlines than I currently care to mention.

If you’re looking for an interesting place to visit, Costa Rica is well-worth considering. We visited plenty of unspoiled, “un-commercialized” places and saw many interesting wildlife and nature sights.

Back from South Africa

The quietness on this site was caused by a vacation in South Africa. I’ve been visiting Johannesburg, Kruger National Park, Durban and Cape Town during the past 2(+) weeks, and what an adventure. We landed back in Denmark yesterday, and with a bulk load of almost 1900 digital photos from the trip, I’ve been busy sorting and organizing while trying to catch up on current events.

South Africa was an amazing experience covering all from the beautiful nature and animals to the poverty and crime plaguing most urban areas. A small selection of photos should appear in my gallery during the next week or so, and if I’m up to it, there’ll probably also be South African travel tips (in Danish) in the Danish part of the site some time soon.

Copenhagen Grand Prix

I’m slowly starting to get my hearing back after visiting the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix this sunday. The Grand Prix is a fun mix of new and old cars racing on a small (city road) tracking in the middle of Copenhagen. This year the event also celebrated the 60th aniversery of Ferrari and hosted a gathering of 100+ Ferraries. You can find a few pictures from the event in the Gallery.