Copenhagen Zoo

For anyone interested in animals or photography, a Zoo is a wonderful place and somehow we stumbled across the Copenhagen Zoo yesterday. While it would have been somewhat more fun with a Zoom lens on the Nikon D300, I still got a few nice shots. Here are a small selection.

Currently there is a lot of construction going on in the Zoo – the Polar bears are getting a new residence and a new aviary is under construction to. Despite this, is well worth a visit.

Website of Copenhagen Zoo.

Florence, Italy

As part of our trip to Pisa, we to a day trip to Florence. Florence was once the capital of Italy (before Rome), and is a beautiful historic town with plenty of interesting things to see. The train ride from from Pisa was slightly more than an hour, and most of the time was spend just walking around from sight to sight. Once the feet was tired, we took a hop-on, hop-off bus, which brought us to the Piazza Micheangelo – where you’ll find probably the most beautiful sight of the town.

Pisa, Italy

Budget airlines is a wonderful way to have short holidays or extended weekends somewhere interesting. The carrier Norwegian has flights from Copenhagen to Pisa and we went to explore Pisa a few days saying at the Grand Hotel Bonanno.

Getting around

  • Getting to town…
    • If you fly into Pisa Airport taking the train to Pisa Centrale is cheap and easy. It takes less than 15 minutes.
    • The Pisa Centrale train station is in the middle of town, and walking distance to most hotels.
  • Exploring the city
    • Walking around in town is easy and the distances are fairly short between interesting sights.
    • Many hotels offers bikes, and while the pavement is bumpy it shouldn’t be a problem.
    • Skip driving in town – the streest are narrow, there are many one-way streets and finding your way can be a challenge.

What to see

  • The leaning tower is the most famous sight in Pisa, but far from the only interesting sight.
  • The historic center of the city contains many churches and other sights.
  • The city is filled with small (local) restaurants hidden away in the many narrow streets.
  • There’s a big University in town – and a large hospital.
  • The Arno river runs across the town.
  • There’s a large train station with connections to Roma, Florence and other major Italian cities.